About Us

Why are we the most thorough Mobile vehicle Inspection company? 

In addition to completly inspecting the engine for external leaks, we test for non visable internal leaks. Our engine block tester tests the coolent system for combustable gases. Combustable gases in the cooling system is a sure sign of a internal gasket failure, in most cases a problem completely un-noticeable without testing.

Now days its sometimes hard to visually tell if a vehicle has had body work done. Our paint depth meters measure the exact thickness of the paint on a vehicle, whether the vehicle has minor paint touch up or a  hidden thick layer of bondo, we will know!

Our OBD computer scanners not only have the capibility of reading current/live codes, we are also able to trace the history of the vehicle, regaurdless if a code has been previously deleted. This allows us to accurately scan the engine, transmission, ABS(anti-lock brakes), and SRS(air-bag) systems. 

•A good way to tell if an engine has been properly maintained is to take it apart, we are unable to do that during our 1 hour inspection. However we do use our boreoscope camera to view the internal condition of the motor though various easy access points such as the oil filler cap, giving us a good idea of how well the engine was tended. 

In addition to verifying your fluid levels, our fluid tester is able to tell us just how old and worn that fluid is. It is able to accurately test transmission, brake, clutch, and power steering fluid. This gives us the ability to inform you of exactly what maintaince will be needed, as well as when.

Highlighted above are a few of the multiple tests our used car inspection includes. We inspect every inch of the vehicle ensuring investment protection.

A mechanical stethoscope is a great tool, we use it to individually listen to each cylinder and fuel injector, as well as the valve train to ensure proper function or pinpoint a issue precisly.

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